Friday, January 20, 2006


Some of you have been purchasing items from my auction at Mistressforme.
This pleases me!
You will find many cool things at the site including blocks of time on the phone at a reduced price!
If you have thought about calling and just havent had the courage or perhaps havent had the extra money then go and check out the prices.
Maybe your one of my sissy sluts and want to purchase some new sexy slut wear. Its all there.. just check it out!
Dont say no body told you of the great deals because now you have heard.
Till we meet again

Saturday, January 07, 2006

To nurture or not...

I have to say that I am very intruiged by some of the men who have been calling my line lately.
I have had a wide variety of callers and it has been rather appealing to me.
I enjoy a wide array of fetish and while I love my submissives and wouldnt trade them for anything in the worold...
sometimes it is very nice to get a new view on things.
I am a firm believer that one can always learn new tricks.
Yes, even us Domina's need to take time to learn and even more so, to listen to what you boys like, desire and need from one's such as us.
Everyone has needs that need to be fed and nurtured.
Some of you may say that your needs matter not, only the needs of your Mistress matter.
This is highly admirable yet... I find it rather unsatisfying.
A true Mistress will do her best to make sure that she takes care of her boy's no matter what. Whether it be emotional, physical or mental.
Part of what makes the lifestyle so satisfying to me is this fact.
Yes I love when you boys take care of me, lavish me, pamper me. I love the power you give me sexually and physically.
I love knowing that I take care of you just as well as you take care of me.
Perhaps I am a bird of a different color, I know not, nor do I care.
I do things my way and well.. if you dont like it?
Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
Just a little reflection for the day.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Getting well

I wished to apologize to everyone for the sudden disappearance I made this past week.
I had been very ill.
I am on the mend and hoping to be all better very shortly.
Ty to all of you who voiced a concern for my well being. It is greatly appreciated.
I will hurry and be back to my full bitchy self in no time :P

Till we meet again

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Reflection of the new year

Now we have passed the initial stress filled holiday season.
Now its time to get ready to celebrate the arrival of a brand new year!
2006 is going to be a wonderful year full of new adventures and new experiences.
Perhaps it will bring new love, new life.. maybe even prosperity.
With all good things we all suffer losses.
Look back upon the last year and recognize your losses but do not get consumed.. notice instead the doors and windows that opened with each one that closed.
I think you will be surprised to see just how far you have come in this past year and this shall encourage each of you to work even harder in this new and fresh season to come!
Let there be joy..
Let there be peace..
Let there be love..
but most of all...
Let there be life!

Monday, December 19, 2005

X Marks The Spot

X Marks The Spot!
My dear pet X...
You are doing your training so well that I had to put in a word for you!
You please me by trying so hard and being so very loyal to me.. your Mistress.
Keep up the great work and I know that you and I will share a great D/s relationship.
Lets make that record 30 eh?

Friday, December 16, 2005



I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Holiday and Well Wishes to last you through out the whole new year.

Drink a glass of my special nog
To toast the bright new year
watch out for the spike within
it will kick you in the rear!

You might end up in panties
or perhaps tied upon my bed
I may even light a candle
and use the wax upon the head!

Or maybe you may just laugh
until you feel my tight ass grip
your balls clenched in my fingers
they feel as if they'll rip!

Or maybe you'll feel my flogger
as it bites into your skin
your back, your butt oh everywhere
just watch my evil grin!

You think you will orgasm?
the edge is where you'll be
over and over I'll make you beg
When you cum is up to me!

Yes drink a cup of nog
I really want to play

To my special boys I wish you
A very EROTIC Holiday!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Merry Christmas to ME

It is the holiday season and such a grand time of year it is!
Lets not forget your dear Mistress in this special time.
It is important to always show your appreciation all the year through but this time of year
is extra special.
The smell of the fire in the fireplace, snow falling outside ( the huge quarter size snowflakes)
Ice cold champagne just waiting to be uncorked.
Turning the lights off and gazing at the twinkling lights upon the tree..
I love the holidays.
EXCEPT when people forget who they belong to.
You tip the postman, You tip the taxi driver.. hell you even give to utter strangers.
A very noble thing to be sure but then... you forget all about the one who controls your orgasms.
Lets NOT let that happen this year.
Last year I had to dole out a severe punishment to one boy for ignoring me.
Do not suffer his fate as well!
You love me.. You want me.. You crave me..
I dont expect your whole paycheck.. although it would be nice of course.. but no just a token is fine.
I am after all..
YOUR Mistress!