Thursday, October 27, 2005

Introduction to the Medieval Mistress

As I gaze down upon your pathetic form from my high throne, know that my
sword is ever ready to strike its judgement down upon you .

Kneel before me and revel in my glory. Beg for forgiveness for your nasty
little sins...your dirty little thoughts.

Do you think I cannot see through you?

Are you not a man?

You have been ruled by your cock long enough.

It brings you naught but trouble and vice.

The time for your selfish indulgences has passed.

Secretly you crave discipline..and mine is the hand that shall guide you!

Through me, you will find Truth. In my control, you will find Salvation.

Raise your eyes upon me, and see me for what I truly am!

I am the Medieval Mistress, and I have come to rule your world.

� -------------------------------------- �


Blogger Medieval Mistress said...

Yes... I have arrived!
I am Medieval Mistress and I have come to rule your world in a way that no one else has before.
I am a Dominatrix who loves little submissives like yourselves in all shapes, sizes and fetishes to bow before me and all my glory.
Tired of the same old boring phone sex?
Of course you are!
Want a new and harder experience?
Foot fetish, Cbt, Golden showers, Panty worship, Tease and denial, Sensory deprivation, Feminization...
you name it I am into it!
I am not afraid to go past your little taboo boundries either so beware.
I am a bitch and I will make you beg for mercy.
Your orgasm will be controlled by me in ways you never thought possible.
Call me if you dare.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Hypnotic Goddess said...

Mistress you are unbelievable!!!

2:21 PM  

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