Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mmmmm Financial Domination!

I just had a wonderful night! I had a lot of fun with a Financial Domination slave.
He tipped me 250.00 just because .. well because I am worth it of course!
While I enjoy many different fetishes I enjoy this one very much.
It is a challenge to me in the sense that to part a fool from his money is not always so easy even when they want it the most!
They seem to enjoy that test as well.
They want me to control them so much that they struggle and fight until thier very will just ebbs away under my spell.
Oh I am very good you see.. very.. very good.
Mmmmmmmmmm now then.. what to buy myself with this money.... any ideas? :P

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just wishing all of you good lil boys and girls a very HAPPY Thanksgiving !!
Remember to be thankful for all you have had in the past, present and FUTURE!
Most of all be thankful for what you dont have...
It gives you something to hope for!

ok my lil mushy stint is over..
I hope you eat so much turkey you puke! ( just kidding folks.. have a great day!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I am very happy to debut my new pride and joy. Amazing how that creating a new site is like birthing a baby. This is as close to birthing a child that I will ever get.

My new site is designed to be an interactive dating site for Mistresses and submissives. I will be adding many more features in the very near future but for now I am happy that it is up. Now for the subbies out there that are looking for a Mistress to call their own hopefully your search will be over and hopefully you will have a lot of fun looking for her :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Recording

I have a new recording up for those of you that want to know what it would be like to be inside my personal playroom.
Check it out!
If you dare....

Monday, November 14, 2005

Hypno boy

I just had an amazing call with the guy I fondly call Hypno Boy.
He did me a favor and proved to one of my nay sayer friends that hypnosis
actually does indeed work.
We had a very long session where in fact he DID get her under and we had alot
of very erotic fun and it was a great time.
If you are interested in Erotic hypnosis please let me know.
I love to control in every way possible and your mind is just the beginning.
After all...
True arousal begins in the mind doesnt it?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Food for thought

Someone asked me why I am a Dominatrix.
I laughed a moment and then responded with a smart ass remark about how
I do not know what it is like to NOT be one.
After that, I started to think on this a while.
I honestly do not recall a time where I have not been Dominant.
Even as a very young child I used to boss the boys and men in my life. I would use my charm and ways to get what I wanted.
I could not picture myself in any other way other then being superior or Dominant of the male species.
Does this mean that I do not Dominate women?
Oh I assure you, I have had female slaves. There are women submissives out there who I have dominated fully.
I enjoy them as well but it is very different in a sense that with men I believe its natural to Dominate over them.
Women are just naturally superior to men. It has always been such.
Women who are submissive have made this choice to serve.
Do I look down on them for thier choice?
Not in the least. I admire them.
I realize how difficult it is to serve a Dom whether it is male or Female.
I am a hard Domina and I know that I am not easy to serve. I expect utter and total obediance and I shall have it at all times.
Male, Female.... it matters little when it comes to servitude.
Just some food for thought

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rules When Calling The Medieval Mistress

Many of you will soon have the special privilege of speaking to Mistress. However, you must observe the following rules to have a rewarding experience

1. The Mistress is always right

2. Your time with her is always about HER pleasure NOT yours!

3. You must refer to HER as Mistress or Goddess

4. When the Mistress is speaking you are to respectfully listen and keep quiet

5. There is to be no wanking, unless Mistress grants you permission

6. You are NEVER to hung up the phone without first wishing Mistress a Good Day

7. You are to always leave Mistress appreciative feedback

8. Be prepared to have your limits tested

9. If you are not sure what you want email first

10. If ever you are confused at any point refer back to Rule #1

Love CBT

Today I had a very delicious experience!
I had a total slut come to me and ask me to punish his balls. He was dressed in a sexy lil outfit, panties, bra, leather skirt, stockings, full wig and make up. even red whore shoes!
I was very pleased to show him off.
I made him go get ice at his hotel and go up and down the glass elevator so everyone could see.
He/she put on a nice lil show with the beer bottle in front of his very large window that over looks the atrium as well.
It was very hot.
Then I had her put over 20 clothespins on nips and balls and tip.
I had a great time and so did she/he
Tell me your fave CBT to do!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I saw a porn today and this woman squirted all over the guy. It was actually very disgusting although I hear that many men find it sexually stimulating.
She came like 5 times and soaked him and the sheets each time.
To me it looked as if she was pissing all over him but others argue that its actual cum.
Now, I know that while I can cum very very hard and juices can flow rather freely.. to actually do what she was doing is unheard of.
It was yellow liquid.
I dont know about you but if my cum is yellow? I better see a damn doctor eh?
CUM IS WHITE! ( or pretty damn near!)
Just thought I would mention this after a long drawn out debate on this encounter.
Tell me what you think and whether you find it stimulating when a woman " Squirts" when she cums.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

More Like Me

I did a session today with one of my subbies. She/He wore the sexiest panties and bra for me!
I was very pleased with how my new slut started out so eager with the Feminization training.
BDSM is such a fantastic field.. full of so many delicious kinks and fetishes!
I adore feminization because these girls are sooooooooo into submissive state that when I finally do allow them to play with thier clitty and use my strap on on thier little pussy, they are whimpering and begging.
I do love to make them beg.
It takes alot of training and time and effort to become a true girlie slut for me and I give my ladies alot of extra attention.
They deserve it though. It takes alot of hard work to become a woman!
The thing I find interesting however is that so many think that all feminization kinksters are automatically homosexual.
That is just a big load of bullshit.
Most of my girlie sluts have never sucked a cock in thier entire life. Most of them have no real desire to ever do so either.
They recognize a Woman's superiority and acknowledge us as the higher species that we truly are.
They also love the way we are so sexy and they just want to serve fully.
Of course there are many that do want to suck cock, or be used for cuckolding for me and while I certainly have no problem with that either.. I just dislike the fact that so many think any male that wears a dress is a faggot.
Who are they to judge anyone for thier own kink.
Here is what I say to them:
Just let me think for you and then you wont make asses out of yourself with your judgemental ways.
The world would be a much better place if we were all more like me.
Not only Sexy, Open Minded, and Honest, but 100% WOMAN too!
Until we meet again
Medievel Mistress

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New Recordings From The Mistress

The Mistress has proved you a chance to listen to her ways. You dont want to miss out!!

For the foot fetish lovers...Guide to worshipping her feet >>>>

For those that want financially fucked! >>>>>

A little about myself

I am Medieval Mistress.
I am a Dominant woman by nature and have been for as long as I can remember.
I enjoy true Domination ranging from foot fetish to forced feminization.
I am unlike many in this field as I take it very seriously. It is a lifestyle for me not just
a fantasy.
I can be very harsh.. even to the point of brutal.
Do not come to me whining because I will toss you to the side.
If you long to serve me you WILL obey or you will be punished.
BDSM is a very powerful and erotic lifestyle and I dont want any wankers that only want to
Either you serve fully or you never are allowed in my presence again!
If you call me, be prepared to have your balls owned because you will be MINE!