Sunday, November 13, 2005

Food for thought

Someone asked me why I am a Dominatrix.
I laughed a moment and then responded with a smart ass remark about how
I do not know what it is like to NOT be one.
After that, I started to think on this a while.
I honestly do not recall a time where I have not been Dominant.
Even as a very young child I used to boss the boys and men in my life. I would use my charm and ways to get what I wanted.
I could not picture myself in any other way other then being superior or Dominant of the male species.
Does this mean that I do not Dominate women?
Oh I assure you, I have had female slaves. There are women submissives out there who I have dominated fully.
I enjoy them as well but it is very different in a sense that with men I believe its natural to Dominate over them.
Women are just naturally superior to men. It has always been such.
Women who are submissive have made this choice to serve.
Do I look down on them for thier choice?
Not in the least. I admire them.
I realize how difficult it is to serve a Dom whether it is male or Female.
I am a hard Domina and I know that I am not easy to serve. I expect utter and total obediance and I shall have it at all times.
Male, Female.... it matters little when it comes to servitude.
Just some food for thought


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