Monday, November 14, 2005

Hypno boy

I just had an amazing call with the guy I fondly call Hypno Boy.
He did me a favor and proved to one of my nay sayer friends that hypnosis
actually does indeed work.
We had a very long session where in fact he DID get her under and we had alot
of very erotic fun and it was a great time.
If you are interested in Erotic hypnosis please let me know.
I love to control in every way possible and your mind is just the beginning.
After all...
True arousal begins in the mind doesnt it?


Blogger md said...

hello .. i am the hypno slave that miss m m took for a ride so she said....i was hypnotized a bunch by one dom in atlanta and she had a field day with me for over 6 mos
and since that time i noticed a more fem feel in my head.
never before was i like that, so when mm got a hold of my head she made me feel and act out what is inside of me.. a women...
i have shaved and worn panties and other garmets as the start back to
thank you

8:33 PM  

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