Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A little about myself

I am Medieval Mistress.
I am a Dominant woman by nature and have been for as long as I can remember.
I enjoy true Domination ranging from foot fetish to forced feminization.
I am unlike many in this field as I take it very seriously. It is a lifestyle for me not just
a fantasy.
I can be very harsh.. even to the point of brutal.
Do not come to me whining because I will toss you to the side.
If you long to serve me you WILL obey or you will be punished.
BDSM is a very powerful and erotic lifestyle and I dont want any wankers that only want to
Either you serve fully or you never are allowed in my presence again!
If you call me, be prepared to have your balls owned because you will be MINE!


Blogger priscilla said...

Hello Mistress. Thank You for letting me take a moment to tell You how much I treasure being at my rightful place at Your feet. Your domination and control over me is so complete that I can think of nothing but how to serve You better!

Being permitted to serve You is the high point of my day. I love being Your little sissy slut!!

You own my sissy ass forever Mistress!

In all humility,


8:17 PM  

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