Saturday, November 05, 2005

More Like Me

I did a session today with one of my subbies. She/He wore the sexiest panties and bra for me!
I was very pleased with how my new slut started out so eager with the Feminization training.
BDSM is such a fantastic field.. full of so many delicious kinks and fetishes!
I adore feminization because these girls are sooooooooo into submissive state that when I finally do allow them to play with thier clitty and use my strap on on thier little pussy, they are whimpering and begging.
I do love to make them beg.
It takes alot of training and time and effort to become a true girlie slut for me and I give my ladies alot of extra attention.
They deserve it though. It takes alot of hard work to become a woman!
The thing I find interesting however is that so many think that all feminization kinksters are automatically homosexual.
That is just a big load of bullshit.
Most of my girlie sluts have never sucked a cock in thier entire life. Most of them have no real desire to ever do so either.
They recognize a Woman's superiority and acknowledge us as the higher species that we truly are.
They also love the way we are so sexy and they just want to serve fully.
Of course there are many that do want to suck cock, or be used for cuckolding for me and while I certainly have no problem with that either.. I just dislike the fact that so many think any male that wears a dress is a faggot.
Who are they to judge anyone for thier own kink.
Here is what I say to them:
Just let me think for you and then you wont make asses out of yourself with your judgemental ways.
The world would be a much better place if we were all more like me.
Not only Sexy, Open Minded, and Honest, but 100% WOMAN too!
Until we meet again
Medievel Mistress


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