Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rules When Calling The Medieval Mistress

Many of you will soon have the special privilege of speaking to Mistress. However, you must observe the following rules to have a rewarding experience

1. The Mistress is always right

2. Your time with her is always about HER pleasure NOT yours!

3. You must refer to HER as Mistress or Goddess

4. When the Mistress is speaking you are to respectfully listen and keep quiet

5. There is to be no wanking, unless Mistress grants you permission

6. You are NEVER to hung up the phone without first wishing Mistress a Good Day

7. You are to always leave Mistress appreciative feedback

8. Be prepared to have your limits tested

9. If you are not sure what you want email first

10. If ever you are confused at any point refer back to Rule #1


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