Sunday, December 11, 2005

Merry Christmas to ME

It is the holiday season and such a grand time of year it is!
Lets not forget your dear Mistress in this special time.
It is important to always show your appreciation all the year through but this time of year
is extra special.
The smell of the fire in the fireplace, snow falling outside ( the huge quarter size snowflakes)
Ice cold champagne just waiting to be uncorked.
Turning the lights off and gazing at the twinkling lights upon the tree..
I love the holidays.
EXCEPT when people forget who they belong to.
You tip the postman, You tip the taxi driver.. hell you even give to utter strangers.
A very noble thing to be sure but then... you forget all about the one who controls your orgasms.
Lets NOT let that happen this year.
Last year I had to dole out a severe punishment to one boy for ignoring me.
Do not suffer his fate as well!
You love me.. You want me.. You crave me..
I dont expect your whole paycheck.. although it would be nice of course.. but no just a token is fine.
I am after all..
YOUR Mistress!


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