Friday, December 16, 2005



I wanted to wish you all a very Happy Holiday and Well Wishes to last you through out the whole new year.

Drink a glass of my special nog
To toast the bright new year
watch out for the spike within
it will kick you in the rear!

You might end up in panties
or perhaps tied upon my bed
I may even light a candle
and use the wax upon the head!

Or maybe you may just laugh
until you feel my tight ass grip
your balls clenched in my fingers
they feel as if they'll rip!

Or maybe you'll feel my flogger
as it bites into your skin
your back, your butt oh everywhere
just watch my evil grin!

You think you will orgasm?
the edge is where you'll be
over and over I'll make you beg
When you cum is up to me!

Yes drink a cup of nog
I really want to play

To my special boys I wish you
A very EROTIC Holiday!


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