Friday, December 02, 2005

To my boy ronny...

I had the most wonderful experience today.
I told one of my boys that call me for telephone training some of my all time favorite songs.
Little did I know t hat he plays keyboard and he downloaded the songs just for me.
He then took the time and learned to play these songs, and not only did he learn to play them but he called me just to play them FOR me!
It was very very sweet and I absolutely loved his devotion to me.
It was very pleasing to know that he cared so much about my love for music that he would do this.
I sat back drinking a hot cup of tea while he played and played and played.
He was very nervous and I kept telling him not to be.
Such a very good boy.
He played one of my all time favorite songs: Kiss from a Rose by Seal.
Well here is a kiss for my boy ronny.. my rose that is just starting to bloom!


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